Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gift Wrap Anyone??

Have I ever told you all how much I love my husband?
He really is pretty great!
He's very handy...he can fix almost anything...
or build most anything...
I really am lucky to have a wonderful husband!
Not only is he very handy to have around, he also
is very good to say
"Yeah-- I can do that"
even when he might not really want to.
Case in point...

The Wrapping Paper Cabinet

I have talked about it here and here

It is finally finished!
And I can't be more excited!!!!!!!

He hung a curtain rod to hold my humongous rolls of ribbon.
I can't wait to order all of the other happy colors of the rainbow.
Rolls and Rolls of Curling Ribbon...eeehhhh.....
this makes me HAPPY!

I just love the top of this armoire.
When I dreamed this idea up in my little mind,
I wanted something pretty at the top.
When I saw this on Craig's List I knew it was PERFECT!
So my loving Husband, went to pick it up, in the rain, for me!

I ordered all of my bows and ribbons and paper for Christmas
and they are all hanging and ready to go!!!!
I am waiting until after the holidays
to order the general birthday wrap and such...
but I also ordered the solid green and solid red paper
to use for dual purpose...
change the ribbon to blue or yellow and it could be
birthday party colors...I also ordered the standard white paper...
can't go wrong with that!
But there are 9 more openings for bows...
I know-- I've fallen off my rocker!

Each side of the doors hold 4 rolls of paper--
one side holiday and the other general birthday/baby paper

So there is my little wrapping cabinet all finished!
I am so excited!
I am going to start putting it to use and wrap some Christmas presents
that are floating around in the scrapbook room before they are found by
little eyes....
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