Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tate Farms 2010

We took our annual trip to Tate Farms on October 12, 2010.
Austin was out for Fall Pause and Scott took off from work and we
played all day!
After a quick visit with some of our dear friends
we headed to the Farm!

I just love Tate Farms!
There are so many things for the kids to play on and do.
Animals and tractors...oh the tractors~
Jackson CRIED so hard when we left
because he didn't want to have to leave the
tractors behind.

Jackson was a WILD MAN!!! He was running from one thing to another
faster than we could take a snap shot!!

It's a little hard to see in the collage, but I always take Austin's picture by this
"How tall are you" sign every year...
couldn't believe that it says he is almost 5 feet tall!!!

Both of the boys had a blast in the Corn Crib!
Jackson jumped and threw corn all over the place!
We buried both of the boys in corn and they had a lot of fun...
until Jackson spotted the tractor pulling the Hay Ride...
and he was off!!!

They have so many different areas for the kids to play in.
One of the new things was this GIANT slide.
Austin grabbed Jackson's hand and said
"Let's GO!!" and they were off.
I didn't think that Jackson would do it, but up he went and then...
DOWN they came...laughing all the way!!!
Scott even got in on the fun~

We took our Hay Ride out into the Pumpkin Patch to find 
the perfect pumpkin to carve...
that we ARE going to actually carve this year!
I tried to get a really cute picture of Jackson sitting by a pumpkin...
Umm...that didn't work very well.
He would not sit still for anything!
He was just so excited by all of the pumpkins!

We went on a Tuesday afternoon while everyone else was at school
and practically had the place to ourselves.
It was wonderful!
The weather was perfect!
Warm enough for shorts but not so hot we couldn't breathe!
I told Scott while we were on our hayride that I did wish
that one year when we came to the Pumpkin Patch it
would actually feel like Fall...
but in North Alabama, I think that is only a dream!
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