Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

The boys got all dressed up tonight and we
celebrated Halloween at Nancy's house as we always do.

This year Austin wanted to be something scary, so he picked out this costume....

And Jackson was Mickey Mouse...
and this was about the only time he left his hat on!
The past two years he has had costumes with hats
and he has done great...this year...not so much!
And he HATED any costume with a mask!
We cried a lot this Halloween....

We tried to get a picture of them both on the porch, but Jackson turned around
to say something to Austin and busted out crying...
even when Austin would take off the mask, he would talk to him,
but immediately start crying when he saw him put it back on.

We finally were able to get a laugh out of him before we
left for Nancy's, but he had shed his ears.

Here is a group shot of all of the kids tonight at Nancy's...
minus Jackson, because when he saw the masks...
he was OUT OF THERE!!!!!

We had a great time at Nancy's and ate too much...

Austin and I did something new last night for Halloween.
Athens was having a Storytelling Festival this weekend. 
They began this three or four years ago and the kids have
always gone with school and Austin LOVES it!
This year they were telling Ghost Stories!
He came home last Wednesday and asked if we could go back.
So last night about 10 o'clock we headed up to the courthouse square
and listened to Ghost Stories...
it was great!
I enjoyed getting so spend some time alone with him
and it was a fun little Halloween memory!

Hope everyone else had a fun time

Happy Halloween Ya'll
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