Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Busy, Busy...BUSY!!!

Things have been a little crazy around here lately!!!
We thought with the beginning of school that our schedule
would calm down and we would be able to get into a good routine...
I am beginning to think that CHAOS is our normal routine!!!
Thought I would put up a little post and let you know
what's been going on...
it's a little random so sit back and hang on!!!
Austin celebrated Grandparent's Day at
school earlier in September...
Mamma and Papa we able to come and have lunch
with Austin and Jackson.
Andrew was coming over to say Hi to Jackson
when I snapped the picture.
We recently bought a new-to-us
Pool Table!!!

Scott has always wanted a Pool Table...
that has always been the plan since we built the house.
I wanted one that was pretty...Scott wanted one we didn't have to
take out a second mortgage on the house to get...
I think we both are happy.

And now to the thing that is causing the MOST chaos
Austin has joined the Robotics Team at school.
Boy-- this takes A LOT of time!!
He and Scott have both been running like crazy
working on this project.
The teams all take their robots to compete at
Calhoun Community College on
October 16th!
(they still have a lot of work to do before they get there!!!)

Last Sunday, they participated in Mall Day and all of the
local schools brought their robots to the mall
and tried them out on the track to see
what changes they need to make
to get their Robots in tip-top shape

Like I said-- they still have a lot of work to do!

Austin has also been busy with Boy Scouts and recently camped out...
in the rain...

Jackson is running a mile a minute... literally!
He doesn't walk anywhere!!!
But he's talking up a storm and making us laugh every day.
We ordered his Halloween costume yesterday...
I tried to get him to like the Frog costume...
but he chose this one...

I think he's going to be one CUTE little Mickey Mouse!!
This is our favorite show of the moment so I think that is
why he chose this one.  We sat at the computer and he would point
at all of the different costumes and name all of the characters and I would ask
"do you want to be ??? for Halloween"
and he would reply
"Noooooooo...wanna be Mickey--O'Tay"
So I said "OK-- Mickey it is!"
(and Mickey was on sale and free shipping--Whoo Hoo)

Austin has his "Fall Pause" as we are all referring to it as
coming up this week.
We don't get a full week like we have in the past--
Just Monday and Tuesday...
So it is now known as
Fall Pause
cause it's not really a break!!

Scott is going to take off those days and hang out with us,
so we are trying to come up with a few fun things to do with the boys...

We probably won't go far...
but don't worry ...
We'll update the ol' blog and let you know what we've done!!!


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