Thursday, August 19, 2010

Almost finished!!

Remember my Mother's Day present....
well it's almost finished!

We moved it into my Scrapbook Room a few days ago and it is happy in it's new home!
We still have to make the holders for the doors and hang one of the ribbon holders,
but other than that it's done!

Scott replaced the back of the armoire with
peg board and I went and bought several hooks from Lowe's
that I am using to hang the big rolls of curling ribbon on.
I also have a hook for tape and I won't have to
go on a house wide search to find them when I
need to wrap a present.

We tried using the cheap little curtain rods from
 Wal Mart to hang the paper on,
but they didn't hold it sturdy enough
so we are going to have to use Plan B...
which means Scott is going to have to do one
 more wood working
project for me.
It's a good thing he loves me!

Try to imagine all of the different colors of curling ribbon that
are available from Nashville Wraps all lined up in a row
hanging on the little hooks.

Scott still has to hang this rod for my big rolls of ribbon...
just imagine the rainbow of colors that will hopefully be hanging there soon!!

Jackson was helping me measure for baskets to put on the shelves
that will hold all of the different colors of bows for packages

And imagine the different rolls of wrapping paper
hanging on the doors...
one door will hold 4 rolls of Christmas themed paper
and the other door will hold 4 rolls of solid color paper.

And last but not least, here is my "bright idea"
that I had while I was pregnant with Jackson.
We were sitting in the waiting room at the Dr.'s office
when I came across a picture of this in Better Homes and Gardens
or one of those magazines...
anyway, I turned to Scott and said
"You could make something like that, couldn't you?"
so he was off to make my big idea a reality.

He is going to start to cringe any time I use the words
"You could do that , right?"
I think when we were first married he took it as a challenge...
now, not so much...

Anyway, he made this one for me to hold my
LARGE rolls of paper
that you sometimes need
for little boys BIG presents.
It sits nicely next to my new cabinet, don't you think!!!

So there is my little project that would not
have come together without the hard work of my

So it's almost there...
it makes me happy to think of all of the pretty
colors of ribbon all lined up in a row...
shopping for wrapping paper is almost as much
fun as shopping for office supplies...
Ahhh, sigh....
I know Leisa understands.
(I also know that my mother is laughing as she reads this thinking-
that child has lost her ever loving mind!!)

So, hopefully we will get the wrapping paper roll hangers
made soon and I can get my paper ordered and ready to go
for the holiday season that is going to be here before we know it!!!

Scott said he better have A LOT of presents wrapped
in the cabinet under the tree this year.

I think he will...
because he is AWESOME!!!!

Oh and I am currently taking donations or Gift Certificates for
Ha Ha...
Just Kidding...
maybe a little...
or not.

If you have time, go check them out...
ribbons and bows and paper and boxes and....
ahhh happiness!!!

Now I am off to do some more Christmas shopping...
and yes....
I have already started!!!

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  1. Oh, I do SO very much understand! I'm so proud to say I had a hand in raising you..........