Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End of Summer fun!

Nana and D-paw have been here for the last week.
We had a BIG birthday to celebrate.
Austin turned 11...where has the time gone!!!

We had a little celebration with family last Friday night.
Scott smoked some chicken and pulled pork and
Mom and I added all the fixins'.
It was very yummy!!

And what is a birthday without some CAKE??

Miss Suzanne came thhrough for us again with the most awesome cake!
He wanted a guitar on it and we found this picture on the internet and she went from there!!!

Here is the happy birthday boy!!!
(hee hee-- he didn't notice that we were short a candle!)

Making a wish...actually we all know what he wished for...
he has his sights on an iPad

After the we were done partying mom and I went to work...
she brought the most massive amount of tomatoes I have ever seen.
We went into Salsa Production....
48 jars of salsa later and 7 jars of canned tomatoes, I am happy to say
that there are no more tomatoes in the house.
All of these came from her garden.
I wish I had taken a picture of them before we made them into salsa,
some of them were HUGE!!!!

Yummy goodness!!!

This is the pack of seasoning that we used in them--
not too hot.

This was the first batch we made.  I have never canned anything before in my life and
was SO excited hearing those little lids go "POP"

We had a really good visit and miss them very much.
All day long Jackson has looked at me and said,
"Nana D-Paw go Mzurri"
and I will tell him,
"Yes, Nana and D-Paw had to go back to Missouri"
he will reply with an
"ohhhhhh....go see um?'

Soon Buddy, we'll see them again soon!!

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