Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flashback to the Fourth!!!

We spent the Fourth at Mom and Dad's in Missouri,
along with Uncle Steve, Alicia and Conner.
We had a pretty low key day.
My boys and I started out the day traveling to Republic to
visit a church where Dave Mirvallia preaches.  He is the son of
a lady that we go to church with in Madison.
To our suprise, Connie was there too!
It was so nice to see her. 
Her wonderful husband, Bob Harber, passed away recently.
She is planning on returning to Missouri
to live closer to her children.
We will miss her,
but I am sure we'll go visit while we are at Mom's.

We then returned to Mom's and gave the boys a little
4th of July treat bag.
I had filled a bag with red, white and blue glow necklaces,
sidewalk paint, and red, white and blue M & M's.

I think they liked them!

Conner was helping Jackson check out what was in his bag--
Jackson spotted the M & M's and then could have cared less about the rest!

Stuffing his face full!!!
We did have to cut him off!

Then we headed out to Bennet Springs.
It's not far from Mom and Dad's house
and is a local hot spot for Rainbow Trout fishing.
They have a fish hatchery where they raise them and the kids can go and feed the fish too!
Jackson had a lot of fun throwing the fish food in and watching all of the fish splash up to eat it!
He would  just laugh and laugh!!

Nana was in charge of handing Jackson a few pieces
at a time...Scott was in charge of making sure
Jackson didn't fall in the water!!!!

My little Firecrackers!!!
Austin will turn 11 in a couple of weeks
 and Jackson is full swing into the Terrible Two's!!!

Throwing some more food to the fish

And all the fish jumping all over one another to get some food.
It's kind of funny cause they act like they've never been fed before!

We all enjoyed a pleasant evening outside and then went back to town
and had dinner at Steak and Shake!  YUM-O
We missed the big fireworks display. 
They had theirs on Saturday night
and the closet one would have been an hour away
and that would have meant
a very cranky Jackson on the ride back home!!

I think we all enjoyed a little relaxation and spending time with family!

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