Monday, August 16, 2010

Austin's Awesome Day

A few weeks ago, Scott's friend Mike called 
 and asked him to lunch...
they tried and tried to find a day that they and their other friend Todd could all meet for lunch.
With the three of them busy with meetings and such,
they could not get a date together.
Mike finally said that the reason he wanted to have lunch was
 because he had some BIG news.

He was getting a new baby...
not the screaming kind...


Scott said Mike has wanted a new Corvette for as long as he has known him... he does!!!

Isn't it pretty!!!

With the special package that he ordered, he was able to go up one week and actually see HIS car on the production line and then a couple of weeks later, he was able to go on a tour of the Corvette Plant in Bowling Green, KY and a special guided tour of the National Corvette Museum.

They left the house at 5AM the Thursday before school started and hit the road.

They were greeted by this sign and were given the first class tour!
They were not able to take pictures inside the plant but had a great time seeing all that was there.

He asked Scott and Todd to come along...
They we all Giddy!!!
Here is a picture of Scott and Austin in front of Mike's car...
ready for delivery!

Todd even "gave birth" to a new Corvette.

Todd even "gave birth" to a new Corvette.
When Scott told me this I looked at him like he had two heads,
but that is what they call it when they start a new one,
for the first time, right off the line.
He was given a "Birth Certificate" and everything!
They took his picture, but the tour guide had not asked for a "permit"
to shoot that kind of photo before they went in so he had to
delete it when they were leaving the plant.
They are pretty strict about the rules!!

These three are the biggest "Gear Heads" I know.
I mean that in the nicest way!! They can fix just about any car problem there is.
It's nice to know that there are guys out there that can fix your car for a dinner invitation instead of a $500 repair bill!!

Here they are posing with new ride...
Scott, Mike and Todd!!!

And finally, here is Austin in his dream car...
I told him that never in a million years would I let him drive one...

They all followed Mike and his wife home that afternoon.
Through a rainstorm and Nashville's rush hour traffic.
Needless to say he was a little nervous on the way home.

But they arrived back home around 7PM and Mike
even let Scott and Todd each take it for a ride around the block.
Scott seemed to handle the new car fever pretty well that night,
He could not decided which of our cars would have to park outside and
knew that if he built a new garage for it, he couldn't afford the car...
not that he could afford it anyway...
Maybe if we sold all four cars...
but we still wouldn't fit!!

So, that was the perfect end to Austin's summer vacation.
An awesome day with Dad seeing an awesome car!!!

Life is good!!!

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