Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Going to Do It even if it KILLS ME!!!

Now that Austin is back in school....
things are going to change around here!!!

We have been flying by the seat of our pants for the entire summer.
No schedule, no sense of urgency.
No need to keep on top of the Laundry,
cause we could stay in our PJ's all day if we wanted to
(and many days we did!!)

But, the times they are a changin'!!

I talked to Austin the night before school and set up some
things that we need to start getting into the habit of since
we are starting a new year at school.
Getting into the habit of getting homework done,
things organized at home and school...
starting new habits to make things
run smoothly all around.

And I told Scott tonight that tomorrow starts
Organization Boot Camp!!!!

I'm going to do it...
We are getting organized Room by Room baby!!!

Those words are getting me excited
"...simplify your space AND your life..."

I think I can....I think I can...

I ordered me a Mom Agenda to keep our schedules all together too--
I did get the Zebra one, too...pretty sassy, huh?
There is space on each weekly layout for 4 kids---
(OK-- if I had 4 kids I would need more than this book
to keep me organized!~ Just sayin')
Anyway, back to my point...
I am going to use each space for each member of our little family...
keep up with Austin's school activities...
Jackson's appointments and play dates and such...
Scott's travel schedule...which is filling up more than it used too (grrrr)
and last but not least,
Appontments, bills, schedules...everything in one place!!
Trying to keep it all together!!

I am also thinking about getting a calendar to put by our back door
so we can see it as we walk out to make sure we all know where we are going!
I found one on Etsy
you can buy your own frame from Hobby Lobby when they are on sale
and then put this cute little thing on the glass and
a little piece of organization and it's cute to boot!!!

I started cleaning out the boys closets before school,
so the closets in their rooms are getting close to organized.
Just need to get all of those clothes to Emily the end of the week

So, I have grand plans....now just to put it all into play!!!

I can do it!!!!
I will do it!!!!

I'll be sure to update the progress and amaze you with my
mad organizational skills.
Or just that I have gone MAD!!!

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