Monday, August 9, 2010

6Th Grade--- REALLY??

How in the world did we get to 6th Grade???
It just seems like yesterday that I was standing out in the hallway
watching Austin on his 1st day of Kindergarten...
and now he's in 6th grade!!!!!

He let me take a couple of pictures from the front porch,
but told me that he was too big for me
 to come in with him and take pictures!!!
6th graders do not need their mother's to come in
on the first day with them.
Oh, how fast they grow!!!

Jackson wanted his picture taken too!!
He had just woke up and was in a pretty good mood.
Austin asked him if he wanted to go to school with him today,
Jackson replied "OOOTay!"

But, he had to come back home with me...and he cried when Austin got out of the car!

Trying to act like he didn't want to go this morning,
when actually he said several times,
"I'm excited to get back to school,
just not back to homework!"

All ready to go!!

I stole this picture from Bonny this morning...

Her kids let her come in and take pictures with the teacher!!!
Looks like a warm welcome to 6th grade!!!

Well, we have the drop off and now just have to remember to go and pick him up on time!!!
I think I may need to set an alarm!

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