Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!!
I'd love to show you all of the great
photos of the fun we had today,

but I didn't take any....

We were too busy in here!

It was soooo HOT today!  
In the 90's and humid...
Summer time in the South has arrived.

Uncle Rick smoked Ribs and corn on the cob
and we spent the afternoon around the pool.

Jackson didn't even want me to take his picture.

Last night after church we took the boys to 
Aunt Leisa and Uncle Rick's to let them swim for a little while.

Jackson did not want to venture off the steps...
Kerri even tried to pull him off while he was holding a noodle,
but he wanted no part of it...he was just fine on the steps!

Uncle Rick told him he had not even gotten his hair wet,
so he promptly leaned forward and ducked the top of his 
head under the water.  When he came up he was laughing 
and said " it's wet!"

Kerri and Austin fought over the noodle...
there were two of them in the pool,
but they both wanted THAT noodle.

Kerri finally convinced Jackson that he would be able to touch
the bottom of the pool and not go under water...
he decided to give it a try.

He finally ventured off the bottom step and touched the bottom,
and then jumped right back for the steps!

He had  lot of fun in the pool today.
He is still very cautious...but that is good.

He did let Leisa's sister take him out in the shallow end, twice....
I guess some times he does take baby steps instead of giant leaps.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

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  1. That Jackson is a smart guy! He and I have something totally in common!!! The water is NOT my friend!!! Everyone in my family can swim except me! I have just never taken to it like my brother and sister. They were naturals! It still looks like everyone had a really good time, and after eating my "dinner" of Sugar Crisp, Uncle Rick's ribs and corn sound even better!!!!!! Now you have me considering hopping in the car and driving the 35 miles round trip to get some tasty ribs!!! :-)