Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dining Room Mix Up

Wait... May 1st...
How did this happen?
We have been so busy around here, I feel like
we are spinning around in circles.

School is winding down for Austin
and he is ready to be out for the summer.
I think he only has 16 days of school left...
where did this year go??

Well, while I have been trying to keep him on track until
the last day of school we have been busy around the house,
inside and out.
The spring weather always makes
for a laundry list of projects for Scott on the outside
of the house and I always have a laundry list of things to
do inside... as well as the laundry!

One of the projects we have been working on inside is
my Dining Room.  

While Mom was here, I got the bright idea to move the furniture around.
Mother and I unloaded the china cabinet and proceeded with 
the old switch-a-roo

I was so excited to get to moving that I forgot to take a photo
of the furniture the way it was...
I dug around through some of my old photos to see if I could find one,
but these were the best I could come up with.
the buffet sat in an inset in the wall.  This was where I had the movers put it
the day we moved in and that was where it stayed.

As you can see in the photo above, the couch was creating a 
"wall" on one side of the dining room and the table was running
parallel to the couch...

Mom and I unloaded things and got to moving...

And this is what we ended up with...
We moved the china cabinet to the little nook where the buffet originally sat,
moved the buffet over in front of the window, brought in the server
that matches my dining room set that we had no room for 
with the other arrangement.
And finally we turned the table perpendicular to the 
way it originally sat.

The room looks so much bigger!

I am really liking the new furniture arrangement.
Now, I am just going to have to figure out what to put on the walls.
The large mirror that was above the buffet is too big
to hang over the server, but the wall looks very bare
with it's high ceiling and little piece of furniture.
I would love to have a plate display on the wall.

 I have been looking around on Pinterest for some ideas...

I really liked this idea of mixing blue and white

It's still a work in progress, but I am liking what
we have done so far.

I would also like to paint and have Scott add some wainscoting.
I need to find a new rug...once I turned the table,
the rug that was in there was too big.  We moved it into the
living room and it now covers the ugly carpet that is needing to be replaced.

Scott has been busy outside working on a project or two
as well...

Jackson's swing set and play house were in need a little face lift...

This set was a hand me down when Austin was little.
Our good friends, the Pender's had bought this for their
daughter Kerri when she was little...
she will turn 22 this month and be getting married
at the end of the year.
The roof that had been on it, became worn and torn with the weather,
so we had taken it off long ago.  We had stained it several years ago,
and it was showing a lot of wear, so Scott got straight to work.

We cleaned it with a mixture of Tide and Bleach
and then went to town with the pressure washer!!

Bye-Bye ugly stain....

Scott also built a new roof for the little fort...

My little handy man...
He can fix just about anything.

Hard at work adding the last few nails to hold the top on...

And this is where we are today...
New roof and all ready for some new stain.
Which is on the list of things to do when Scott is 
able to stay in town for more than three days at a time...
Some times we take baby steps around here...
I guess that is better than no steps at all!

So that is just a little peek into what we've been up too.
Now, just to make it through Homespun at school this weekend,
along with the Graduation party for the kids at church,
end of school and the summer fun can begin!


  1. Hey, Sandra! I am thinking as I look at this post that I am very glad I had my son at a relatively young age because I would be absolutely worn out with everything at this age!!! I remember those days of having to spruce up the play area. NOT easy work! Scott is wonderful for doing it and it's a good thing he knows his way around a toolbox. (The guys building the house in the background should have offered to lend a hand!) Great job on the furniture relocation!!! It really does make the space look larger. As for your plans for the wall, I love the multiple plates you're thinking about. Great way to display some fun pieces and make a statement about your tablescaping life! I hope you are able to relax sooner than later. Have a great week!!! And thanks for stopping by my place earlier today. We will weather this Spring/Summer somehow!!!

  2. You certainly did make a big switcheroo! I love the idea of blue and white dishes on your wall!
    Please show us when you have them up!

  3. I like your dinning room. It has such a warm and welcome feeling to it. And once you decorate it more, it will be even prettier. And I like the idea of dishes displayed on the wall. It certainly looks great in that inspiration photo.

  4. You sure have been busy!

    - The Tablescaper