Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the Downhill Slide....

We are holding on and counting down the days until 
School is OUT for SUMMER!!!

While we are ready for the end of school, I think we are most ready for
the end-of-semester projects to END!

This was tonight's project for Geography....

They had to make a food from a country that
they are also reporting on.
Austin's group has Ireland...
Land of Irish Whiskey and Beer?
We would laugh when reading the recipes...
the conversation went a little like this.

"Oh, this sounds"
"Here's one... never mind..."

Would not be wise to send something made with 
Liquor to the Bible School....

So, we settled on Boxty...
and a box of Lucky Charms...
(one web site they found listed Lucky Charms cereal as a 
delicacy in Ireland....)
Who knew?

So, 7th Grade Geography will be munching down on some
potato pancakes and Lucky Charms tomorrow!

All I can say is
"Kiss Me...I better get an A!"

Also, the end of the school year brings 
Awards Day...

Austin was really hoping that he could go 
"under the radar" this year...
Since he is now considered in
"High School", the awards day festivities have
changed from elementary years.

Gone are the awards for all "A's",
now there are only a few awards given by certain teachers
for the highest average...

Austin was really hoping that he would not have
to walk up in front of everyone and he knew that 
he was not the "highest average" kid, so he thought he was in the clear.

He wasn't so lucky!

The night before they had scheduled the awards program
we got an e-mail that he would be recognized
along with the others in his class that participated
in the Duke University TIP program.

This program selects 7th graders that have
scored in the 95th percentile on the standardized tests
that are given each year by the state to take the 
ACT or SAT college entrance exams.

We "made" Austin take it back in February.
He took it along with four other kids from his class.

While he really did not "like" taking the test,
it was a good experience for him.
Not to mention it will look good on his
applications in the future when he applies for College.

So, now that projects have been completed...
we are kicking back and counting down the 
last three days of school!

Whoo Hoo!!!
It's almost SUMMER!!!!

I snapped this picture tonight to remind me of the 
"Sweet Moments" that these two share every once in a while....

It was very quiet and I knew they were not sleeping, 
I found them computing...

Austin on his computer and Jackson was on Austin's iPad...
He wants to do what Big Brother is doing.

Too Sweet!

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