Monday, June 4, 2012


A few weeks ago,
Scott started to give Jackson's tree house a 
much needed face lift...

This photo is where we started...

Then it received a good pressure washing and a new roof

And Scott was finally able to finish re-staining it
this past week!

Jackson has had so much fun being outside this spring.
He loves to climb and slide and swing!

And now he loves to JUMP too!
We bought this trampoline when 
Austin was about 4 but the net and pads had worn out
and we were very hesitant to let Jackson on there.
So for his 4th birthday we bought a new net and pad.

He would jump all day long if we let him!

Scott wrapped the weekend up by adding
the finishing touches on some more
little projects around the house and I spent
the weekend getting our laundry all caught up!

This week I plan on getting us all packed for 

I am making my lists and checking them twice
and getting everything laid out for us to take...

EIGHT DAYS until we are OUT OF HERE!!!!

I am so excited...I just about can't stand it!

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  1. You lucky, lucky, lucky girl!!!!!!!! I really do hope you are ablea to spend some time just lazing about by the water, staring into space, doing absolutely nothing. You and Scott both work so hard to keep your family going, and you deserve some down time to just "be." I wish I could pack up my tablescape and send it to you in paradise for a dinner! :-) I have never been to Hawaii, but I just know you are going to love it. Give Scott a pat on the back for a job well done, and get packin'!!! Don't forget that thong, girl! It'll be OK. When I'm on vacation, I just say to myself, "These people will never see me again. What do I care???" :-) Have a fun weekend!