Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year...Resolutions??

Every year I make resolutions...
I usually fall short, but I'm OK with that!  HA!
But I was reading one of my organizing blogs and she had a post about
New Year's Resolutions...
Go check out
Organizing with Sandy...
over there on the right
(I tried to put a link in but my computer
would not let me)
She had a post about the difference between
Resolutions and Goals.
A goal is something you are striving for
and a resolution is saying
"this will happen before next year"
So I am changing my resolutions to goals.

Making the goals...
Loosing weight...
all of the usual stuff.

One area I am going to get organized is my
scrapbook room thanks to my Christmas present
that Scott is making for me.

It didn't get finished before the holidays because
I was sick the week before Christmas and he was
too busy taking care of me.
Then we traveled to my Momma and Daddy's
for the week after Christmas,
so he is back to work
which means I need to get to work on cleaning
out the perfect spot for it.

This beautiful bookshelf is going to coral
a lot of my scrapbook supplies
and albums so hopefully I can get it
organized enough to find space to actually
(I guess there could be another New Year's goal)

It is going to be so nice when it's done.
Beautiful bead board backing...

Trimmed out with beautiful trim with a neat little
rope detail that is on the side trim,
base moulding and on the crown on top.

I love all of the little details on the trim.
I think it is going to be just perfect.

Measuring and making sure everything is just right...
(this was also the point where Scott turned and said
"Are you going to stop that any time soon?"
To which I replied "Nope!")

This little piece of trim will face out the adjustable
shelves that he is putting in.

But before he can finish it up,
I have to clean out a spot for this
little treasure to sit.
Another New Year's Goal...

so I better get to work...

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