Friday, January 13, 2012

Cold, Creating and Cleaning

our weather has finally changed.
this was a picture taken out my back door
yesterday around 3 o'clock.
I jokingly called my friend Bonny and
asked if she thought we'd get out of school on Friday.

We had a nice little dusting
and then as soon as it began, it was gone again.

But as funny as my conversation with Bonny was,
guess what...
We got to go in TWO HOURS LATE!!!!
I love snow in the South.

In our defense...
there are a lot of students that travel quite a distance
to school so it is always better to be safe than sorry.
And I am never one to turn down going in late!

But our snow is gone but the COLD remains.
I was glad that Scott was off today so he could take Austin to school.

He also was able to finish my Christmas present.
Which I think is totally awesome!
It is going to add so much storage
and will be a fun place to decorate as well.

Look at all that space to store scrapbook supplies.
I'm so excited.

He let me pick out all of the trim to make it "pretty"
and it figured it all out and put it together,
primed and painted it.

I really like the rope detail on the trim.

Scott also put adjustable shelving so I could move the shelves
up and down to accommodate my different storage needs.

I jumped right on loading it up and trying to get
my room organized so I can get back to work
on my scrapbooks.
Of course, as I started placing things on the shelf,
I also started coming up with more projects.
I want to paint or cover the photo boxes so they will
coordinate with the colors in the room

(Mr. Potato Head came to help me work...
he was wearing Goofy's hat and eating a slice of pizza...)

I spent a couple of hours this morning
organizing and clearing things out.
I worked on getting supplies stored in the cabinets
and not on the table and countertop.
I had so much stuff on the workspaces
that I didn't have any room to work.

I have been wanting to paint this table for a while.

Today it got two coats of primer and the first coat
of crisp white paint.
My plan it to make a skirt for this table
so I can store some things underneath.

Scott is also making two shelves that will go between
the run of cabinets on the wall.

It's coming along.  I still have lots of organizing to do
and clearing out.
And a little decorating...
The little golfer men are on their way out...

and some "girly" colors as Austin would say.
Periwinkle and Apple Green.

I'm still trying to figure out the perfect paint colors
to go with my fabric.  But it's coming together. 
Getting a little more organized
and hopefully I'll be able to use the room to work
and not just to hoard scrapbook supplies.

It has felt like Saturday all day to me.
I don't know if it was because we slept late this morning
or if because it was Scott's Friday off,
but I have been off all day.
We were able to get a lot accomplished today
and now it's time to call it a night.
I'm going to curl up in a blanket and try to stay warm...
did I tell you it's cold...
We even had snow!


  1. Wow! That's a pretty fabulous Christmas present! You are going to have one fabulous scrapbook room girl! Angie xo

  2. Oh wow! You are going to have a beautiful craft room. Love the colors you are adding. I have been working on mine over the past few days. I will be painting shelves and looking for window panels today.

    Thanks for your nice comments on my room...and Sugar! Kristen