Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Blue Skies....

It is still raining....

Oh, how I am ready to see blue skies again.
We have had rain and fog all week long.
Today we have had thunderstorms...
that woke the entire house up
(and all three of my men sleep like ROCKS)

But this is what woke us up this morning, January...and a whole lot of it.

I had heard the rumble of thunder heading our way,
but at 5 AM the bottom fell out and this is what piled up outside.

The hail was small in size but there was a TON of it.
Our front door faces south and I promise you that stuff
was hitting the front door and was so loud that I thought the
door had blown open and it was raining in the house.
Our roof has a very high pitch to it, so we don't usually hear
the rain...too much space up there, I guess,
but we heard this!
On the roof, on the front door and poor Austin though
his front window was about to blow out!
Like I said, the storm came through around 5 am
and this picture was taken about Noon.
It is still everywhere!
There are little piles of it at the end of neighbors drain pipes
and along the side of the road.  Weird....

The rain is suppose to be tapering off through out the day,
and I will be happy to see it go.
Although, the weather man said it
is suppose to get colder and he also said
the "S" know the one that sends
Southerners to the store to strip the milk cases
and bread shelves.

It is only suppose to flurry, so hopefully we'll be safe.
We do need milk though, so I'll be one of those that looks like
I am in an all out panic to get it before we are snowed in
by a 1" blizzard.
(You think I'm kidding....oh,'s that bad)

So, since it's so nasty outside today,
I decided to try and make it a little brighter inside.

My sister-in-law, Ann, bought me
two new place settings of Peacock Blue Fiesta dishes
for Christmas.

I decided to set the table with them today.
As I was thinking about what all I wanted to gather,
these round place mats came to mind.
I thought that they probably would not match, but pulled them out and
they were perfect.
I had bought these at Kmart last spring
when their Easter things were on clearance.
I picked them up really cheap and figured that I would just
use them with my white plates, but now I have two
uses for them...even better.

I only have 2 place settings of each color of my Fiesta,
that I started getting last year.  I decided to mix the new
Peacock dishes with my Chocolate brown ones.
I love how they look together.

I found my candles yesterday at Hobby Lobby
on the clearance isle.  I couldn't figure out why they were on clearance,
they were not scratched up or anything, so I put them in my cart and
brought them home with me.

When I took the labels off, I guess I found the reason.
Can you see the faint faded line around the middle?
Oh well, I figure I can get some pretty ribbon and tie
around them to cover that up.
I really like the texture of them.
And they matched my new plates...perfectly.

I used my everyday Oneida "Julliard"
stainless flatware.  I pulled out the soup spoons,
I figure that soup might warm us up on this cold and dreary day.

I just grabbed some candle holders from the foyer
to set the candles on.

I also played around with some of the extra pieces
of Fiesta that I have in the Chocolate color.
Below, I layered the Peacock dinner plate,
Chocolate luncheon plate, Peacock salad plate,
and topped it off with the Chocolate fruit bowl.

I really like the luncheon sized plate.
It's perfect for little boys and for smaller dinner portions.
The fruit bowls are perfect for, well, fruit...
and may have been known to hold a "just right"
amount of ice cream around this house.
I would like to get 2 luncheon plates and fruit bowls
in Peacock. Kohl's just happened to send me
a coupon in the mail yesterday for an extra 30% off.
I'm thinking I may need to make a trip to Kohl's.
(Unless we are snowed in, ha ha!)

So there's my Blue Skies table for today.
Maybe it will bring some our way.

Hope the sun is shining on you!
I'll be joining up at
for Tablescape Thursday.
Be sure and check out all of the other beautiful
tables that are being set.

I am off to put a little one down for a nap
and continue to work on my scrapbook room
project.  Hopefully, Scott can get
finished and put in place.  He has them painted
and just needs to attach the adjustable rails inside
and move it in the room.

I can't wait!


  1. Yikes! You guys really got pounded!!! The pellets looked like diamonds. Maybe if you wish REAL hard...! ;-) Snow is on its way here, too. The wind is blowing furiously outside. It was so nice and sunny and high around 50 today, then suddenly the tides turned! The turquoise blue looks fantastic with the brown!!! Perfect for an icky day...or any day! :-)

  2. Love the blue! The candles are lovely too! Glad everyone is safe from that storm.

  3. What a storm! Glad your house was okay after all that hail. I really love turquoise with brown, and your new dishes look wonderful with the chocolate ones you already had. I think I "need" to collect some turquoise things for a future table!

  4. Wow! We didn't get any of the hail or the flurries here in Birmingham.

    I love your mix of dark brown and peacock blue -- very striking. Your candles are a match for sure.


  5. This table is so beautiful with the sun streaming thru the windows...I too love turquoise and brown goes together like pb&j! I am a bargain shopper and always try to get things for my home and table on sale, and the candles are perfect just the way they are...perfection is so overrated, and way too hard to accomplish and maintain our sanity! I am striving to embrace imperfections as I get older!