Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!!

We are getting a new shopping center in Madison
It is going to have a new Target store,
which I was VERY excited about.
I love Target, but do not have one very close,
so it is always a "special" trip to get there.

But...even more exciting than a new Target store...

we are getting a....
(drum roll please....)

Oh yes, I am one happy girl!

Scott sent me a photo of the rest of the stores that will be going into
the shopping center, but I actually squealed when I saw

He asked me later if I had gotten his e-mail and
I shared my excitement over the new store...
he was more excited about Moe's and the new Pizza place.

Now to just find out the when they will open...
I may need to find a sitter for Jackson,
I feel a loooong shopping trip will be in order
that day!  May need to start saving now!

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