Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Making a List....

and checking it twice!
No, I am not talking about a Christmas list.
Although, I am not too far off from making that one.

Scott is taking the week off and we are going into
project mode around here!

It is time to finish things that have been left undone...
general pick up and clean out to get ready to join
in one of my friends family yard sale.
It's going to be BIG!!

I have gone room by room
and made a list from small projects
to HUGE projects!
Scott has looked over my list and already said
a few things are NOT going to happen...
But he didn't fall over and pass out at the rest.
And, in his defense, some of them were a little
far out there.
Like replacing both of the doors in the boys
Jack-and-Jill bath with pocket doors.

So I have my Huge list and I have
whittled it down to a few projects in each room
that I want to accomplish this week.
Then I will continue on my little list
one project at a time...

Hopefully, I'll be able to take some photos
of our progress this week.

I have already hit the laundry room and almost
finished my projects in there...
but I'm sorry, I didn't grab my camera as
Scott was trying to pull my washer and dryer out to clean
behind it...
I didn't think he would see the humor in my statement...
"Hang on and let me get the camera...I need to Blog this..."
He's good, but not that good.

So, I need to get back to work!
I'll post my To-Do list in a little while and
show you what we've done so far...
and my pile of JUNK that I have collected for
the big yard sale in a couple of weeks.
Boy, we've got a lot of junk!

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  1. giggling about the laundry- I didnt share when I cleaned behind mine- OMG they get so dirty!