Monday, November 1, 2010

A Little More Halloween Fun

We rounded out the Halloween weekend with a
little more fun!!!

The boys woke up to a gift from
the Great Pumpkin!!

I bought these cute buckets to fill with
a few goodies and later when
the boys are too big for them
I plan to use them on the porch to hold mums.
I thought they were pretty cute...
Scott just thinks I'm a little nuts...
but he loves me!

Austin was so sweet...he was waiting for Jackson to be up
and ready before he got into his bucket.
He wanted them to check them out together.

Jackson's bucket went along with his costume this year...
Mickey Mouse seek and find book and a coloring book!

Austin go a new Patriots Football and an iTunes gift card!

Athens did their Trick-or-Treating on Saturday night this year,
so we missed out by going to Nancy's party...which is our annual
Halloween tradition so we were right where we wanted to be!
But there was also a big football game on Saturday night as well...
Uncle Rick and Aunt Leisa stayed in to catch the game,
but missed seeing the boys.
So we got dressed up last night after church and headed
over to Trick-or-Treat with Aunt Leisa!

Aunt Leisa and the only little mouse she'll let in her house!

And with Austin-- who is almost as tall as Aunt Leisa...
Now THAT'S scary!!

Jackson finally warmed up to Austin's mask and would hold
it up to his face, but he wouldn't actually put it on...

So now we are done with Halloween!
Time to go and turn the Jack-o-lantern's on the porch around backwards
and make them just pumpkins...and hang my wreath on the door...
Now to get serious about some

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