Monday, June 14, 2010

He's a Workin' Man Now

Austin spent last week working at Cub Scout Camp as a
Junior Counselor.
He has so much fun and made so many new friends-- he's even been chatting with one
almost every day since they have been home...computers are so nice some times!  Our parents would have been telling us that we had talked enough and that we needed to leave the phone lines open!!!

Scott would take him and drop him off on his way to work and Kimberly would graciously take all the boys
to Point Mallard every day at 7:00 AM~  That is too early for summer break!!

This year they were celebrating 100 years of Scouting.
Austin worked on a special award this past year in honor of this celebration and it continued over
into the theme for Camp this year.

The boys were all excited that they got to wear the Staff shirts this year!  I am just happy that this week I don't have to wash that shirt EVERY night!!! 

Austin and Amos were together most of the week with the same group of boys.
Austin had a lot of fun and met lots of new boys.  I think it was a good opportunity for them to go and help out the boys that are younger than them.  Hopefully he learned a little about responsibility and will look forward to doing this again, year after year!  And since they volunteered~ this week of entertainment was FREE!!!!

(thanks kimberly for posting these pics on FaceBook so I could swipe them, since I am a bad mom and didn't take any pictures of them on Friday when I was melting in the summer heat!!)

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  1. Sandra,
    Help yourself to my pictures anytime. I wish I had remembered my camera on Friday. I was hoping to get a group picture of the boys from Troop 21. I am so glad the boys had fun. I was worried they would not like it. But, they proved me wrong. They never once complained on the way there or on the way home. They all seemed very happy and excited each day. I was really proud of all of them.