Saturday, June 12, 2010

End of 5th Grade

On Friday May 21st, Austin had his awards day at ABS.
Here is is scanning the crowd looking for us.  When he found us
he wanted to take Jackson back with him-- um, NO--
did he really think Jackson would sit there, quietly,
um NO!!

Here he is on stage receiving his award for all A's
in 5th Grade!  Whoo Hoo!!
Way to go!!!

He is the second from the end on the far right side of the photo.

On the following Monday they had a end of year party and spent some time
out on the playground!
We got everyone together for a quick shot
on the monkey bars--

Pretty soon they are going to be too big to all
hang out on the monkey bars, sigh,  they are growing up too fast!

Miss A and her 2009-2010 5th Grade Class
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