Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do you EVER read?

Austin loves to read!
When he gets interested in a book that is all he can think about!!
He will wake up early to read, stay up late to read,
his entire day will be consumed with reading that book until he is finished!!
We were discussing the latest seris of books that he began reading at the end of school
He is impatiently waiting for the sixth book in this series...
In the middle of our conversation
"Mom, do you ever read?"

Well, duh....

Ok, so I didn't answer him like that, but I thought about it...

So today we headed back to the book store,
he found some Star Wars book--
He can tell you all about it cause he's been reading it since about 4 o'clock
and I got this...

I will show Austin that yes, I do read and hopefully I will gain some insight into
balancing it all together

and just for fun~ I got this

Hee hee hee-- I am thinking a run to Gigi's is in order!!!

So, my goal this sumner is to spend some time reading and prove to my 10 year old that mom CAN read!!

So, what good book have you read lately?
I might have to pick up a copy...
unless it's Twilight...
Austin said I can't get into that..
it's a love story and that's just gross!!!

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