Saturday, June 12, 2010

Growing Up Too Fast

On May 24th, we attended Austin's
Bridging Ceremony into Boy Scouts.
He has never been into sports but in First Grade he started Scouts and has stuck with it.
He has learned a lot and made some good friends.  They have gone on some really neat adventures
and it has been a wonderful thing he and Scott to share.
Here he is on the day of his first Tiger Cub meeting in First Grade.

Here he is earning his Wolf Badge, I believe.
He thought it was a lot of fun getting his face painted when he was
little, as they grew up, yeah... not so much.

Heading into Webelos in the Fourth Grade.

His Third grade year and his Fifth grade year they took and
overnight Field Trip to the USS Alabama and spent the night on the ship. 
I think Austin would say that these were two of
the best trips they took!  He really enjoyed hanging out on the ship
and exploring every inch on that giant ship!!

Another great memory from Cub Scouts was coming in Second Place in his Pack Pine Wood Derby.
He and Scott (mostly Scott) would work so hard every year trying to make a winner,
and his Fourth Grade year, they almost did it.  Austin was so proud of his car and his trophy!
It was a great day.  Even though he didn't win, he was so proud of 2nd Place!!

And here he is finished with Fifth grade and now finished with Cub Scout!
He was waiting his turn to walk across the bridge in Big Spring Park downtown
to join his new Boy Scout Troop!

Once we crossed the bridge as a family, Dayton was waiting to put on his new shoulder loops and his new
 neckerchief welcoming him to the troop.
Austin still looks so little standing next to him, but his is also REALLY tall!!

Here are all of the new Scouts with Troop 21.
They are looking forward to many new adventures!
And I am a little scared, before in Cub Scouts, they would have their dads with them,
in Boy Scouts, they learn to do it on their own...YIKES!!

After it was all done, we had some cake and ice cream and then headed
home to start our summer!!!
We only get one week of sleeping late before Austin is off to volunteer as a
Junior Counselor at Cub Scout Camp!!!

Very Proud Parents of a Very Good Young Man
(and Jackson-- he's still got a long way to go-- ha ha)


  1. Boy, they sure do grow up fast. Sniff, Sniff! Austin's Tiger picture is so cute with his missing teeth. It seems like just yesterday. Looking forward to more scouting years to come!

  2. Oops! Sorry for two messages. I got an error on the first one saying it did not go through. So, I tried again. Then, I noticed you received both of them.