Thursday, September 3, 2009

We're On Our Way....

To see the TIGERS play!!!!

It's that time of year!!! There is a crisp breeze in the air and football is around the corner!!! We are heading to Auburn tomorrow night and Austin CAN NOT wait!! He is so excited. He even asked me this morning if I would have him all packed when he got home from school. I told him not to worry that I would get him all packed and ready by tomorrow afternoon. He already has it planned down to his clothes, hat and of course his foam finger!!

The game is not until 6:00pm on Saturday nignt so we'll have some time to spend with friends on Saturday and maybe even hit up Tiger Rags and some of the shops. I want to take the boys on campus and get some pictures of them, too. Austin has 4 frames hanging on his walls that are painted orange and blue that are just begging for some shots of them on campus so we may just have to take care of that. And while we are on campus we will definitely have to get a LARGE lemonade from here....

Toomer's Drug Store...Best Lemonade...In the WORLD.... PERIOD!!

And hopefully, Scott and Austin will find themselves back here on the corner after the game!!! In the middle of it all rolling the corner!!!

So what are your College Football gameday plans...are you tailgaiting for your team or hanging out on the couch and yelling at the TV? Whatever your plans are and whoever you pull for, I hope you Saturday is a great one!!!

WAAAARRRRRRRRRR EAGLE HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm rootin' for the Tigers right there with ya! So excited about the night game. (found you from Kelly's Korner) War Eagle! Let's beat LA Tech!