Monday, August 31, 2009

Back Yard Fun

Guess who loves to be outside??? Big Jack loves him some fresh air!! He loves his swing too. He's not scared in the slightest either, the higher the better!

The boys have had a lot of fun out in the back yard and now that the evenings are getting cooler we plan on spending many evenings outside. Scott and I may sit and plan the back yard renovations while we are out there!

Jackson has finally come around to liking the grass! We put him down in the grass in the spring and he went nuts!! He didn't like to feel it, sit on it, walk on it-- nothing! This was a little sad since Scott spends so much time to make our yard look so good. It's like walking on carpet...but not for Jackson. But he is coming around, tonight he even pushed himself up out of the grass instead of just sitting there waiting for someone to pick him up.

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