Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ready for Fall

We are getting ready for one of our most favorite holidays of the year!!!
Austin has been scouring every catalog that comes in the mail for the perfect Halloween costume!
  He is even trying to figure out what to dress Jackson in this year. 
I told him that I let him pick last year, so this year it MINE!! 
 I want to pick someting cute! 
I olny have a few years of cute left in him before it's Star Wars and Bionicle or Transformers and other creepy things!
I am also ready to decorate the porch and take our annual trip to
Tate Farms!
I have been looking on the internet for ideas on porch decorations.  I am ready for Mums, Pumpkins and Fall Leaves!!
Hopefully I'll have so cute pictures of two little Gobblins on the porch to show you!
Hope everyone has a great day!  Off to clean this place up a bit!

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