Friday, September 25, 2009

4 M's and a little "Boo" who....

Molars Make Me Miserable

Poor Litle Jackson is pretty miserable right now.  He is cutting all 4 of his molars at the same time.  We have been at this for a while.  Dr. P said that he could tell they were starting when we were there in July!  He would walk up to me the other day and pat his mouth as he gave me the most pitiful little pout.  Needless to say Tylenol is our best friend.  He doesn't sleep well when he is cutting teeth so that is also a dead give away for when his teeth are at the peak of popping through.

The rain let up here for a little while yesterday so I started painting my little pots for the front porch.  I need to hurry up and get them done before I kill the mums that I bought to put in them in the first place. 
Sad, I know!!!

Jackson has a Halloween costume!  His tooth-y attitude lately has made him a little monster so I thought this costume might be appropriate....

Which I am going to have to take back tomorrow because I just realized that they are now on SALE!!!  Ugh!!  I hate it when that happens!!
I do think he is going to be pretty cute!  We are getting all geared up for the BIG Haloween Party!!
A friend of ours has a party every year with lots of families at church and we all eat lots of soups and yummy goodies and then all of the little kiddo's head out in the neighborhood and trick or treat until they can't hold any more candy.  It is always such a great time to spend with friends and family!

I am getting excited for Halloween!  Scott is going to get the pumpkins down tomorrow so I'll decorate up the porch.  I have also looked at a bunch of "front door fall decor" on the internet and have some ideas for next year.  I may wait until after Halloween to buy some of the stuff half-price.
 I also gave the blog a little "Boo-tification"
Do you like it... hope so

Well, Ausitn and I are watching "Meet the Robinson's" on Disney so I better go.  We might head out tomorrow and see if we can finalize his Halloween costume and work on getting my little treat bags together!!

So much fun, so little time!!!!

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