Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pigs, Fun, and Monsters too!!

Pitiful huh?  This is how Austin spent his weekend.  He didn't feel well at all.  He had a high fever on Saturday night and then just ran enough of one to be miserable the rest of the weekend.  He is still home today because he was running a touch of fever yesterday morning and he has to be fever free for 24 hours before going back to school.  Also, there were 11 out of his class alone yesterday.  So I decided that 1/2 the class sick + being sick all weekend = Ausitn staying home again!

Look at Jackson's new trick!  He has figured out how to push his chair up to the couch and climb up.  He has also figured out how to out smart the "child safety latches" on the cabinet drawers-- so much for child safety!!!

The other night in his high chair Jackson got tickled about something and every time we would say the word Peanut Butter he would bust out laughing.
May have been because he was eating Peanut Butter and wasn't suppose to be!
(That's what Dr. P said yesterday at our check up)
He said he shouldn't try Peanut Butter until he is 2 and I kinda grinned and he said "unless he's already had some" so we confessed!! He laughed and said that was OK-- if he was going to have an allergy to PB it would have happend immediately so if he didn't then he was in the clear!!

We decided that we might need to try on our costume before the big Halloween bash!  Isn't he the cutest little moster you have ever seen!  He was pretty funny.  He would toddle back and forth to his room and let out this low growl with every step.  It was too funny!

We had our 18 month check up yesterday!  So here is how things measured up....
Height:  34" -- he's in the 95th  percentile
Weight:  27 lbs. -- he's in the 75th percentile
(we are a little unsure about this one-- I laid him on the scale and it read 26lbs.  and the nurse went to write it on his chart and she said "WAIT-- that can't be right" so we sat him up on the scale and it read 27 Lbs.  She said that made her feel better-- he had weighed almost 29 lbs at his year check up.
But, when he is awake, HE NEVER STOPS!! So we thought he had lost a little weight.

He got 2 shots and a clean bill of health.  He was amazed that Jackson has hardly been in for any sick visits in his 18 months of life.  Other than his fights with RSV last November and Bronchitis last August he has only seen Dr. Parmer for well check ups-- but guess what

We woke up this morning with a FEVER!!!! I knew he would jinks us when he said that yesterday!!!
Now we just don't know if it is from the shots or if he has caught what Austin has had over the weekend.

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