Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On The Road

So...we finally made it out the door and off to see Nana and Grandpa for Spring Break! Both of the boys were fine. Didn't even need to see Dr. Parmer before we left. We did wave to his office as we drove out of town! Missouri turned out to be cold and rainy most of the time while we were there. Mom and I did get in our trip to the outlets! Austin and Scott made their trip to the theater and watched Race to Witch Mountain while mom and I shopped until we dropped. Jackson was a trooper! He just waved and smiled at everyone...without a single nap...

We spent the week just relaxing. Scott and Dad did make one trip to the junk yard and found a set of seats for his old truck. I should have gotten a picture of the back of the Yukon...just imagine...two bucket seats and center console, my third row seats, all of our luggage for a family of 4, all of my outlet shopping, mom's shopping that she did before I got there, mom's clothes and an extra person riding home...I must say my wonderful husband is a packing GENIUS!

Not many pictures, just a very relaxing week!

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