Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saturday on the Square

One of the neat things about living in a small town is all of the activities that you can find centered around the square. Last Saturday we spent the afternoon downtown for "Cars on the Square". One of Scott's most favorite things to do is go to antique car shows. He dreams of the day when he can take his cars there and show them off like so many others in our area do. His truck is well on it's way so we go to get ideas. He says that the Corvette will come next...we'll see. Mamma and Papa came up for lunch and to check out the cars too. They blocked off the square and had cars everywhere, around the square and off all of the side streets in every direction. We heard later that there were around 750 antique cars there!! It was amazing. It was also HOT!! Jackson started off riding in his car but ended up in his stroller. He had on sunscreen but the sun was just blazing hot and I was afraid that he would wind up blistered. We all enjoyed the day out!

Now here is a pretty car!!! Talk about riding in style!

What??? I thought we were looking at cars, not Big Green Eggs!!!

Here is Papa and his boys

There were cars all around the square on the inside and out, down the middle of the street and then down each block all around.

They were everywhere!!!

As we were leaving the square we all thought about how much money was sitting there around the square. Scott figured on average each car was worth around $10,000. Some were worth much more and some were much less but on average he guessed that there was at least 5 million dollars worth of vintage and antique cars and trucks!!

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