Monday, April 20, 2009

Can You Count Um? 1...2...3...4

There he is (the little monster). Austin was our child that would smell everything. Before he would ever try any new food he would have to smell it first. If it didn't smell right-- wouldn't try it! Jackson is our child who tests everything with his tongue. Yep you read that right-- his tongue! He will put anything in his mouth. Lint off the carpet, the cracker he dropped at lunch, whatever he can find. He has now taken this to his newest achievement, pulling up. If it's you pant leg, the couch, the coffee table or a chair his little tongue comes out. His recent tongue lashing came when I was trying to get a cute picture of him standing by the column in the house. He had his paci in his mouth and I took it out (to make my mother happy) to get a cute picture and this is what happened!!

He finally quit licking and showed off his new pearly whites!! There they are in all their glory. Four big teeth!! It took him a while to get them going but now they are just jumping on in! He is growing up too fast... I already miss that gummy little grin.

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