Thursday, April 16, 2009

Riding in Style

Check out Jackson's new ride! He was so excited when Scott pulled this little baby out of the box. He was sooo excited. He scooted across the floor as fast as that little arm would drag him (since he still won't crawl). We pushed him around the house for a minute to make sure he wouldn't try to jump ship and then we decided it was time to put this bad boy on the road!

He was so excited to be outside and had so much fun riding around the block. It was a little cool so we didn't stay out too long. Just long enough to know that he loved his new car.

Austin was there to show him how the horn worked. Every time that Austin would make it squeek, Jackson would just laugh out loud. He thought it was funny.

By the end of our trip he was waving to everyone that we passed. It was a nice evening out with the family. We are looking forward to many more walks this summer in Jackson's new ride!

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