Sunday, March 22, 2009

Vacation Departure....Take 2

Well... we should have been arriving at Nana's house right about now, but the boys had some issues today. Austin is apparently allergic to part of his new medication that his Dr. put him on last Friday. We think he is allergic to one of the fillers in the capsule not the actual medication. Jackson is either getting sick or we just had a little fight with our teeth today. He woke up running a low fever and has just not been himself today. We decided to hold off a day and try again tomorrow.

So....the car is all packed and we are going to get up in the morning and get ready to leave as planned. If the boys still need to see the Dr. we will call them and hope in the office before we hit the road!

Hopefully we will have a peaceful night sleep and be ready to hit the road!

Look out Nana... Here we come...I think...

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