Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Time For a Big Boy Haircut

Well, the time had come for Jackson to get his first Big Boy haircut. Daddy had heard him called a girl for the last time! So it was off to see Mrs. Kathy to get his first trim.

He was not shy at all and was looking at everything around. Making eyes at all the other girls in the shop. And then it was time to sit in the chair like a big boy.

There goes his sweet little curls. His hair did not curl as much as Austin's did but you could make it curl if you twisted it just right. His cute little blonde curls are all gone with one little sip of the razor!!

Here he is with his new Big Boy hair!!! Isn't he just the most handsome little boy!!
I do have to admit he looks pretty good!!!

Here we are posing with his certificate from his First Hair Cut for his scrapbook!!
Austin was our little photographer while Jackson got his hair cut. Jackson never even shed a tear!! It was wonderful!!

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