Monday, October 8, 2012

Front Porch For Fall

We spent a little time on Sunday afternoon
dressing the front porch for Fall.
I had bought a few mums and some seasonal
veggies to plant on the porch 
to surround our new friend...

Take a look...

Pretty mums just ready to open fill the urns on the porch...

I filled the long box planters with a mix of 
cabbages and mums and stacked them on the 
pedestals that go under a set of urns.

and on the other side we have a new friend...
and a couple more urns of mums...

Last year, there was a store in town that sells granite and tile
that had these ADORABLE pumpkins and every time they would
get in a shipment...they would sell out almost immediately!
Well...this year I got one!
Scott said he will not look so cute on the porch in July, though...
this bad boy is HEAVY!
There will be no storing him in the attic with the
rest of the holiday stuff.

As I sit here posting these pictures...
I realized I forgot my wreath...
better go and get it!

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