Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cruising for a Cure

Last Saturday, Scott, Jackson and I took off
to Lawrence County for the 
annual Joe Wheeler EMC
Cruising for a Cure.

Every year where Scott's brother works they have an
antique car show to help raise money for the 
American Cancer Society.

Unfortunately, this usually falls right in the middle of 
Austin's Robotics season and we are unable to go...
but this year we snuck off.
Austin stayed at practice and got lots of 
things done for their competition coming up
in a couple of weeks.

The only problem was...
Scott can only drive one car...
which means I had to drive one...

While technically, one of the cars is mine...
I never drive it...EVER!

We headed over around 8 o'clock 
and made it just fine.

Everyone drove their cars into the shed out back where they usually
have all of their work trucks.
It was a beautiful fall Saturday morning
so it was nice to be out and about.

I snapped a few pictures but for some reason
completely forgot to take a picture of my car...

Scott has worked really hard on his truck and I think it is 
just beautiful.

Mama and Papa found a car like he had when they were dating.

We also found one for Austin.
He has now caught the restore fever and is ready to find
an "old ford" and restore it.
He keeps going back and forth from a
Mustang to an old truck...
We found this red one for him and it was even for sale.

I thought this was funny...
he apparently couldn't find him a second driver so 
he just hauled it behind him!

One of the things they had there for the kids was 
riding in a bucket truck...
Scott and Jackson got all harnessed up
and took off.

Up, up and away!

He took them all the way up.
I think they were about 60 feet up in the air.

Jackson thought it was so fun!
When he was back down on the ground he said
"That was fun...not scary even a little bit!"

We had a lot of fun and won a couple of door prizes,
but didn't win the big prize.

We headed back to Athens around 2 o'clock
and then headed up to check on what the kids had done
that morning at robotics.

We had a fun day and I was
glad that Scott was finally able to show off all
of his hard work he did on his truck.

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