Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TV BEST Robotics Competition

On September 15th,
Austin started a six week project with several
other students from his school.
They competed in the 
Tennessee Valley BEST
(Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology)
Robotics competition.

Six weeks ago they were given a box of parts and shown
a "playing field" of objectives that they needed to design a robot
to be able to accomplish.

Last Saturday, October 27th was their competition...

There is a lot more involved than just building a robot.
In order to compete for the BEST award,
they have to prepare an Engineering Notebook,
a CAD/Solidworks Notebook,
an Oral Marketing Presentation,
a Marketing Book with also includes an
Interview from the judges

The picture above is of our marketing booth.
Kayla and Ashley were all dressed up for the 
theme of the competition...
Warp XX

The inside of their booth looked like the inside of
a Space Elevator.

The kids named their robot ASTRO.
It is an acronym for something, but I can't remember 
off the top of my head what it stands for.
In the picture you can see the 10 foot pole that the
robot had to climb.  There were "game pieces" on the floor that
the robot had to pick up and carry up to the top and
put in the bucket on top.

Here is another shot of ASTRO trying to make the bottle
exchange.  Overall the kids did an outstanding job!
There were a lot of robots that could only climb up and 
down the pole, but not play any of the game pieces.
Some robots never even made it off the ground.

At the end of the day the kids racked up with awards.

Here is a list of their accomplishments:
1st Place Oral Marketing Presentation
1st Place Mascot Dance Off
2nd Place Project Engineering Notebook
2nd Place SolidWorks/CAD Design Award
2nd Place Game Day T-shirt Design
3rd Place Exhibit and Interview
3rd Place Most Photogenic Robot
3rd Place Most Robust Robot
4th Place Overall Robot Performance
and the big one of the day
2nd place BEST Award

All of their hard work paid off and the kids
were so excited!

They will advance to the
regional South's BEST Competition
at Auburn University in December.

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