Thursday, July 19, 2012

Worst fun EVER!

So, yesterday I told you about a 
really FUN day in Hawaii...
today, a not so fun day.

I do not know why I thought that 
taking a catamaran ride on the ocean
would be anything like riding around on the lake...
but I did...
and I was wrong...

Originally, we were scheduled to take this little
trip on Monday after we arrived in Kauai,
but it was cancelled due to high seas...

The morning started out all fun and games,
and then we left the Harbor.

It had rained earlier in the morning and was still very cloudy
and rained on us a little during the day.

We set out with Captain Sundown for a 
six hour snorkel and sail...
He was telling us that there was some bad weather out
in the ocean that may make us come back early.
but he was going to try and let us see as much as we could
depending on how the water was...
that should have been my clue to abandon ship!

But I tried to be positive.
Leisa and Rick had taken this trip before
and she was willing to do it again,
so it couldn't be that bad...Right?

About 30 minutes in.
I was ready to go back!

Scott and Austin became the photographers
while we were on the trip,
cause I was many, many shades of green on this
part of the trip!

I had called the doctor and gotten sea sick patches
for the guys when they went on their deep sea fishing trip,
but NONE of us thought to use them on this trip!


The beautiful Na Pali Coast

There were a lot of little caves along the shoreline...

and little baby waterfalls sprinkled through
the mountain side...
(or so I was told...I was hanging off the back of the boat
trying not to hurl...)

More of the mountains...

and caves along the shore on the way to snorkel.

When we pulled up to our snorkel spot, lots of little 
fishes came up to greet us...
and see if we would feed them.

Austin was finned up and out in the water before we knew it!
Rick, Michele and Austin went out to the natural reef and saw
all kinds of amazing fish.
Austin really enjoyed snorkeling on this trip.

Coming back to the boat and not wanting to miss a thing...

Back on the boat and we were ready to head back to shore.

At this point in the sail we had to put our 
cameras away.  The guys on the boat said that there is a 
wet side on the ride back and a wetter side...
we quickly found out that it was all wet!

My drugs had finally taken effect and I was feeling a little better.
And then I just spent the rest of the ride back longing to be dry.

It was cold...
it was wet...
it was miserable...

When I started feeling better,
I came to the realization that this ride was
NOTHING like Leisa's last ride...
she would have NEVER agreed to do this again..

And I was right...
She was miserable, too.

I think by the time we got back to shore,
everyone on the ship was green.

We finally made it back to dry land and marked
this little experience off as one we will NEVER do again...
except for Austin...he had a blast and loved every minute of it!

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