Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Little Island Hopping

On Saturday, June 16th we hopped over to Kauai.
A short little 30 minute plane ride and we were off
on our next adventure!

Our next house was right on Anini Beach...
we walked out our back door and there we were!

Beautiful trees lining the property and down the beach.

Another view of our back porch and all of the beach chairs waiting
to be drug down to the beach to soak up some sun!

One of our favorite things in Hawaii were of course the Pineapples!
But we did not get them from a local store or plantation...
best pineapples in Hawaii came from Costco!
Who Knew!
(well, other than Rick...he was the one who told us...buy the pineapples in Costco)

Even though we hopped islands early in the morning,
after we got there, got luggage, rental cars...lunch...
food and such it turned out to be a long day.

Sunday was Father's Day so before we headed out to church,
we snapped a few pictures...
My Three Men...

And my little boys and me...

We had packed a picnic lunch and headed to the Kauai Coffee Company
to picnic on the grounds before heading out on our
daily adventure.  

There was a storm coming in and it was 
VERY windy.  Leisa had worn her hat out of the car, but when it 
flew off, Papa grabbed it and plopped it on his head!
I had to snap a picture of him sporting her hat...
Lookin' Good!!

There was a little museum of antique coffee plantation

And of course, there was lots of yummy coffee to sample.

There were these neat little steaming coffee cup stamped in
the concrete all along the pathways that surrounded the 
main building.

Austin and Aunt Leisa enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch.
He is still not a believer... just give the boy a Pepsi and he'll
take his caffeine that way. 

We left the coffee plantation and headed to Waimea Canyon.
The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Beautiful views all around as far as the eye could see

But I have to admit, once you have been to the Grand Canyon in 
Arizona...the rest is just a little hole in the ground.

A quick snapshot of the entire group.
From Left to Right:
Austin, Me, Scott. Jackson. Leisa, Rick, Kerri. Joy. Michele,
Joan, Bobby, Tami, Mariah, and Gary.

The sun finally came out and made for a pretty shot,
but it was still very windy!

Kalalau Lookout...down below you can see the ocean...
this is along the Na Pali coast of Kauai...

We spotted three little waterfalls tucked in the canyon.

After a quick bite to eat at the
Brick Oven Pizzeria we were back to 
the house to walk on the beach and just enjoy
the cool evening air.

Come on back...more adventure to come!

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