Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Most Fun EVER!

One of our excursions while on Hawaii
was to go Zip Lining!!!!


If you ever have the chance...take it!

I had said I wanted to try it...which made Austin want to do it...
which brought along Scott, 
cause he wanted to see if I would actually do it!

We made our reservations at Princeville Ranch
and headed over one morning around 10.

Sign a little release...
you won't sue us if we kill you....
and we were off!

Getting fitted for our harness

Helmet on...Check!  We are ready to go!

Emmanuel (above) and Dave (below)
were our guides for the day.
They were hilarious!

We had so much fun cutting up with them,
but felt completely safe the entire time.

After some last minute instructions and a safety check...

Austin was on his way....

Oh, yeah, he was having FUN!!!
Austin may not get very excited about a lot,
or show how much he is enjoying something without
pulling it out of him,
but this day, the happiness was written all over his face.
He was having a BLAST!

Michele was having fun, too.

Princeville Ranch is a working cattle ranch on the 
island of Kauai.  There were 2,500 acres to enjoy.
They also have horseback riding and waterfall hikes
around the ranch.

Here comes Scott in for a landing...

Here I am zipping through the trees!

There was also a long suspension bridge...
and yes, Dave liked to start shaking the bridge 
when you were about 1/2 way across.
We all made it across without falling!

The morning was a little cloudy,
but the temperature was amazing.
Not too hot....just perfect.

Waving to the ones waiting their turn...

Everywhere you looked was 
beautiful, lush vegetation.

We finally came to the end of our tour...
King Kong.
The longest zip line on the island.
1,200 feet of zip lining FUN!

We had to climb up to the three story tall
platform to take off.
Austin and Michele paired up to take on the last line.
It is a double line so you can zip with a friend.

While we were waiting our turn to climb up to the top,
we watched Rick's 70 year old momma take her turn on 
another line close by!
She was having a blast!

Looking off the edge of the platform on King Kong.
The little platform at the bottom is where we are heading!
I have to admit...for the first time all day.
I thought 
"What on earth am I doing..."
But Austin had already gone down, so I had
to get to him!

(Dave, Austin, Me, Michele, Emmanuel, and Scott)

We all had so much fun!
I think this was the highlight of our vacation!


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