Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hot as a Firecracker!

Well, this holiday the temperature outside is 
right in line with the title of this post...
People, it's HOT!
We have had 100+ degrees since we got back home...
our grass is dying, plants are dying...

Did I tell you,
It's HOT!!

I should stop complaining...
I have air conditioning and a way to pay for
the really big bill that will follow,
so I should be thankful...

I thought I would set a festive little table
in honor of the 4th of July...
and then tonight when it was time for dinner 
Austin came in and asked if we were eating outside
since there was a bunch of "stuff" on the table...
still workin' on these boys... still workin'

Come on in a see all of my "stuff"

I found the placemats at Old Time Pottery.
A fun mix of chambray blue, red and navy plaids.

A red geranium sits in the middle of the table 
and will stay inside for a while...
maybe I will be able to baby it and keep it alive.

I placed the potted plant down inside
a Pfaltzgraff Heritage mixing bowl and filled in the 
the gaps with some festive tissue paper.

All set and ready to go...

We saved a seat just for you...

Flatware is Cambridge...

Pfaltzgraff Heritage dinnerware that I have had since
college.  It has held up well and we have only broken
one piece...pretty tough stuff.

The glasses are ones we use every day.
They were a boxed set from Big Lots.

Since the weather man says there is not a break in the
heat any time soon, I think we'll celebrate the 4th from inside this year.

Since I am trying to watch my pennies
after returning from vacation,
I just used items I had on hand for my table...
nothing new or overly exciting,
but if I could run out to grab the perfect little touch, I think I would have
to grab a set of these Stars and Stripes luncheon plates from

And a set of these little sundae dishes...

They would be a perfect little touch, don't you think.

Hope everyone has a wonderful
time with their family and friends as we 
celebrate our freedom and this great nation
that we live in.

Happy Independence Day!

Make sure you hop over and check out the other 
tablescapes at


  1. Great table. I too am glad for our air conditioning. I'm hoping all those without power get it back quickly! Happy 4th!

  2. Girl, I am SO with you on watching the pennies!!! I have become acutely aware of the fact that I have more "stuff" (as Austin would call it!) around here than I could ever use in my lifetime!!! Like you, every so often I feel like I need just a little something-something to add that perfect touch. I have been giving into that urge lately and I need to!!! There is no more space to put "stuff" anymore!!! You created a really great table using just what you have at home, and it's perfect! I like the idea of stuffing the tissue around the perimeter of the plant to give it a little added oomph and hide pot. Very wise! The placemats are cute as they can be! I didn't see those at our local OTP. I hope you guys have a wonderful indoor celebration. I would like to celebrate indoors in the comfort of A/C, too, but my husband is on another "gotta find a funnel cake" kick. I have a feeling we are going to be out in that hot air tonight looking for a funnel cake stand at a fireworks display somewhere!!! :-( He gets absolutely rabid about things sometimes! Take care, and be safe!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and thank you so much for stopping by my place yesterday and checking out the "flow" of things! :-)

  3. Gotta love little boys who aren't so into tablescaping! Your table looks very festive -- love those placemats! And your flowers look great in the bowl. I adore those sundae bowls! I think we both need a set! Thanks for your kind comment on my table this week!

  4. Your placemats are a great find...they work well for an Independence Day tablescape but will come in handy other times of the year too.
    Thanks for stopping by Oak Rise Cottage, and for your nice comment.
    Have a great weekend,

  5. I love the color tones in your great placemats. I'm thinking that the kids got used to your lovely setting quickly. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  6. What a pretty table. Love your placemats! I just love some Old Time Pottery :) Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love your pretty fourth of July tablescape. It's nice to have those oldies but goodies that always set a great table...then those perfect little touches for the perfect accent. Yep! It's hot around here....supposed to be over 100 the next couple of days and then a cool down the first part of the week.....I sure hope that doesn't involve anymore storms here in the Mid-Atlantic!

  8. Your table is perfectly festive. Those placemats will be great for lots of tablescapes to come. I hadn't seen the Pfaltzgraph luncheon plates, but I have a set of the sundae dishes. I bought them a few years ago when we were hosting a dinner party for one of the patriotic holidays. They are wonderful! You should treat yourself to some of these. They really pop on the table and are such a fun shape.
    Thanks for sharing your table.