Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We're BACK!

What an AWESOME vacation!!!

We arrived back in North Alabama yesterday afternoon
around 3 o'clock to a temperature of 102....

I wanted to go back to Hawaii!

We had such a great vacation and I intend on doing a play by play
of the entire two weeks but I am still trying to go through the massive amounts
of photos I took and also trying to get them off Scott's work computer 
and onto mine.

I had intended on trying to blog while on vacation,
but every time I would try to do something I would get a 
nasty little message on his computer saying
"WARNING....you are doing something that is bad....
someone might be trying to hack your computer...."

So, I decided that blogging would have to wait to avoid Scott getting into 
trouble when he returned to work....
I need him to keep his job!

Here is just a little recap of some of the highlights
(and the only photos that I have on my computer!  HA!)

We suited up one day and I pushed Austin off the side of a mountain!
Mom's of teenagers...you know you have wanted too, once or twice...
but we did it for FUN!!

Our friend Michele, Austin, Me, and Scott

Austin on the first run of Zip line...
it was a baby run...
they got longer and waaaayyy more fun!

Don't worry....he survived!  He also had a BLAST!
He wanted to be the first to go each time and was really good 
at it. He could turn himself in the right direction and landed like a pro!

We also saw so many amazing cliff fronts by the ocean
and it was mesmerizing to just sit and watch the waves crash into
the shoreline.

So many beautiful flowers to see.
Kauai is known as the "garden isle" and 
we could see why.

We spent one evening at a Luau which was
a lot of fun.

The luau was also where we had a showdown with a 
Peacock and Austin got a lesson on dating....
(more on that later...ha ha...keep you coming back for more!)

We are still trying to catch up on some sleep.
The trip back was brutal!
Jackson was a trooper on all of the flights and only 
cried a little when his ears would stop up,
but Dum Dum's worked wonders.

Lots more details to come...
and a photo overload for sure!

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  1. Austin dating??!?!?!!! Oh, you KNOW I have to hear more about that!!!! So funny! The extent of the beauty there is just astounding!!! I love all the brilliant colors of the islands! And those cliffs are just spectacular!!! I'd be scared to stand too close to the edge of one, but they're gorgeous to look at from afar! :-) I would be FREAKIN' OUT if my baby boy got on that zip line!!! You are a brave young mama!!! REALLY glad that the kids got to do such fun, exciting stuff and that you guys are home safe & sound!