Monday, April 9, 2012

A Visit from Peter Cottontail

The boys woke up to a few little surprises
on Sunday morning.

Jackson woke up on his own for a change
and was in a very good mood.

He's a lot like his Momma...
Wake up on my own = Happy Me...
Being woke up before I'm ready = GRUMPY!

They both checked out their goodies
and then flashed a quick smile for me.

Jackson was excited to see what all was in his bucket
and was eager to show off all of his loot.

After church, we headed to Russellville to visit with
Scott's Mom and Dad for the afternoon.

Jackson loves his cousin Julie and wants her
by his side all the time.

Every time we would turn around he would say
"Hey Jewee, wanna pway"

(he's still working on those l's)

It was a beautiful day outside and we were able to spend
a lot of time out on the porch and playing in the yard.

A sweet moment with Mama and Jackson's bubbles.
Jackson just loves to be outside and add bubbles to the mix and
you have got it made!

Concentrating very hard on making the perfect bubble.
Those big ol' sunglasses make him look a little like a 
mad scientist...which may be right.

A quiet moment with Papa in the yard.
Blowing bubbles, of course.

Mama's flowers are getting so pretty...
now if we can just keep the boys
and their football out of them, we'll be doing good!

Mama and Papa wanted a picture of the grands out
by her well...
The big kids were good...but Jackson was another story.
When we got them all in position
I just started snapping away.
While looking at the photos on the computer,
I just had to laugh.
The three oldest stayed in the same position, same expression..
But, Jackson's little head bobbed around and twisted and moved all over the place!

I was able to get a good shot of the four of them...
Austin 12
Jackson 3
Julie 15
Chris 12

They are all growing up so fast...

Hope everyone was able to spend time with their family
this beautiful weekend!
We had a wonderful time!

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  1. Great pictures, Sandra! I immediately noticed that Jackson was the only one "voguing" for the camera in those photos by the well!!! He's funny! I'm jealous of Papa Britnell still being able to sit with his legs crossed like that!!! I have NEVER been able to do that, and I can't even begin to imagine it doing it now at my age! Kudos to him! So glad you guys had a great weekend!!!!