Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just Fishin'

Last week we ran up to see Mom and Dad for a few days.
Austin had his Spring Break but Scott had some important
meetings that were dictating when we left and how long we could stay,
so this trip was short and sweet...

One thing the boys wanted to do was to go fishing...

We spent one afternoon over at my 
Aunt and Uncle's farm and the boys
got in a little fishing.

Jackson enjoyed sitting on the bank with Scott
and waited patiently for a bite....

and waited....and waited....

and then got tired and waited while Austin held his pole...

but, he kept on waiting....

But there were only a couple of bites and nothing
big enough to keep.

But he sure had a lot of fun trying.

Jackson just loves to be outside...
he doesn't care what he's doing,
just as long as he is outside.

He also had a lot of fun playing with the dogs.
My Aunt and Uncle have two of the fattest Blue Healers 
you have ever seen.
I don't think they could actually heard cattle if their life
depended on it!

Both the boys ended the day loving on the dogs.

There is always something to do on the farm.

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  1. Oh, my gosh...what incredibly peaceful surroundings. I almost feel as if I need to whisper. Jackson looks so cute holding that pole, and it was nice of his big brother to step in and relieve him for a bit. You give your kids such wonderful childhood memories to hold onto, and the photos you take will breathe additional life into those memories when they are all grown up. That "Opie and Andy" photo (the 1st one on here) will no doubt become a classic in your family! I wish you and yours a joyous weekend! Take care!