Friday, April 6, 2012

Branson Railway

My Grandparents always lived in Missouri
and when I was growing up, we would always
go for a visit every summer.
Now that my parents have moved back,
the tradition of traveling to Missouri has continued.

When we would travel when I was young,
we would always spend a few days with
my Dad's Mom, then travel to Mom's mother's house
and stay for a day and then take her with us to 
spend a few days with my Aunt and Uncle.

Now, our trips to Missouri are much different.
We usually stay at Mom's house the entire time
with day trips to visit extended family.
But the time spent at Mom's is packed with adventure!
My Mother wants us to do every attraction,
shopping excursion, and tourist thing there is...

The boys are never at a loss of something to see.
This last trip, Mom wanted to go on the train ride out of Branson
so we made our plans and we were off!

We headed out on a Wednesday morning and arrived in Branson
just in time to make the 11:30 train ride.

A few weeks ago, Branson was hit by a tornado and I told
Scott, the scene around town was way to familiar.
Windows boarded up and blue tarps covering 
so many roofs.

We enjoyed our train ride through the beautiful Ozark countryside.

We went over several wooden bridges...

and through a couple of tunnels.
Mom just loved the mile long tunnel...

Not really... about half
way through she said 
"did you know I was claustrophobic?"

Umm... it's a little late to tell me now!
She was very happy when we came out on the other side.

We were able to ride the entire trip in one of the 
observation cars where you sat above the train in a glass domed car.

I kept trying to take a picture of Nana and Jackson on the ride
 but Jackson would not look at me.
Nana said "I'll give you a quarter"...
then there were smiles all around!

She was so happy with all of his smiles that she gave him a dollar
instead!  He thought that was the greatest thing.

The rest of the train ride every time I would pick up my camera
he would look and flash a smile.  Grandpa was getting cracked up
at him smiling for cash!

His smiles earned him another dollar and he was 
one very happy boy!

We all enjoyed the relaxing train ride.
Definitely a must do if you ever visit
Branson, Missouri.

Oh, and after the ride,
we hit up the outlet mall.
Oh, yes, we did!

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