Sunday, April 8, 2012

Positive Thoughts on Pollen

The pollen around here has been
crazy off the charts!

But it is nice to see that there is a beautiful side to pollen...

Before we left for mom's I had shown you a picture of my
Azalea bush out back... 

When we returned...she was in full bloom!

My hosta had just stuck their little tops out of the ground...

And now they are in desperate need 
of some thinning out!


We also brought home a couple of plants from
mom's that we have transplanted in our yard.

This is a little Hibiscus that we have planted in the back yard.
I shouldn't say "little" because last year mom said it was
HUGE and had flowers the size of dinner plates.
We'll see if I can keep it alive!

We also are trying to transplant some Peonies.
This plant was my Grandmothers
and I hope I am able to keep it alive.

Mom assured me that she has moved them around 
and around in Missouri and they have always survived,
so I am hoping that my black thumb does not do it in.

I like having plants that have a little sentimental value.

There are a few buds just waiting...
I can't wait to see it bloom.

I can't wait to put out a few more plants in my pots on the deck,
but I am waiting to make sure we do not have one last cold snap.
It has been in the 80's lately but a little cooler air is in
our forecast, so better to be a little patient
than to have to replant later.

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