Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rain, Rain and more Rain...

It is raining here today...
and I think the forecast is for rain
the next 10 days...
I am hoping their predictions are to just cover them 
"in case" it rains and that we will see some sunshine
over the next week.
The time change has been bad enough...
I don't like it being dark at 5 o'clock...I just don't.
And then if you add the gloomy rain on top of that

I have been trying to put away the Halloween stuff and 
pull out what little I have in the way of Fall Decor.

(I know there are only 2 candles...I could not for the life of me find
the 3rd small candle...I need to make a run to the store for some
pretty fall colored candles...but, it's raining...)

I saw these cute little candle holders at Cracker Barrell the other
night while I was waiting to pay the check.
Scott had taken Jackson over to play with the toys
while I paid and they had these on sale for 40% off.
I thought $11.50 for the set of three was a pretty good deal
so I grabbed them while I could.
When I walked back to see the boys, Scott looked at me 
a little funny...I told him he had just bought me a Christmas present.
He grinned and said
"Really, what did I buy"
I told him he bought me a fabulous set of candle holders for fall
and he got a really good deal on them...
he's such a good little shopper...NOT!

Truth be told...I think he would rather me do that kind of Christmas shopping
for myself than to have to fight the crowds and figure out a good gift idea.
Although he did hit a home run this past Mother's Day with my surprise gift ever...he totally rocked on that one!

Speaking of Christmas...
do you realize there are only
38 days until Christmas????

Oh my!!!
I am so far behind...

I need to make it through Thanksgiving,
and Austin's Robotics competition in Auburn,
and then dig my heels in and get going on gift buying!
I have a few items purchased for family, but need to get going
on my kids and see what Santa needs help with on his list.

Mom and Dad will be here next week,
along with my Brother and his family.
A house full, so, I better get cleaning!
Mom and I plan on getting some Christmas decorating done
and a little Black Friday shopping too!!!

Need to make my list 
and check it twice...

Have a great week!

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  1. Hey, Sandra! Those are really cool candle holders. I could see 10 or 20 scenarios for those...they really are great! Sorry it's raining so much there. We had our time here a couple of weeks ago, and I'm just glad it wasn't snow! As you pointed out, there are just about 38 days 'til Christmas, and I know the snow is a'comin'! :-) Thanks for stopping by to see my green & black table. Y'know, I was very fortunate to find that green stemware. It's not at every Dollar Tree. I have since visited several different locations (there are 19 within 25 miles of my house), and only 3 had them. I'm having trouble finding more of the champagne flutes. There's mostly just a few goblets left and tons of martini glasses. I'll keep lookin', though. I think they just send different stuff to different stores. Weird. Hey...I think it's cool that you were able to gather all that curly willow!!! As long as it is kept in water in a cool location, it'll stay pliable for a long time. If you want to swirl it down into glass globes or anything like that, though, I'd do that as soon as possible when it's at its most pliable stage. Lucky girl!!! That's quite a coup! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!