Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday Decorating!

This was the first year in a LONG time that my
mother and I have not been out at Midnight in the
crowd of crazies shopping for the big bargains!
She was still helping my brother get back on his feet
so we did not get any shopping in this year,
but I did get some decorating the day was not a loss.

Scott put my wreath and garland on the front door this
week and my little Santa that sits
out front needed a little help this year.
Our front door faces south, so it takes a lot of weather.
Over the years, the paint has just worn off of him.
Mom bought Santa at Hobby Lobby one year
for a little bit of nothing...I think he might have been $12.

But as you can see...his paint was getting very thin.

So Jackson and I sat down and started painting.

Some bright Candy Apple Red and he
was looking better already...

Brightened up his beard with a fresh coat of new fallen snow...that they
are predicting in the weather forecast tonight...

A Lime Green tree and holly...
works for me!

Jackson helped with the star and also helped
give Santa a new pair of black gloves.

And there he is all ready to welcome guests as
they come through the front door.
I was going to take a photo of him standing guard at the
front door, but it turned cold and rainy as soon as he
was finished and I have not been able to
get out and snap a shot of him.

The kitchen canisters have a little holiday spirit going on...
but that is as far as we have gotten in the kitchen...

But the big tree has been pulled out
and dumped right in the middle of the foyer!

It was a lot easier to decorate sitting out
where we could walk all around it.
The Bow and Streamers started us off.

Then I added these new glittery ribbons that I found
at a local floral design shop.  They always have the most
beautiful trees in a variety of color schemes.
I don't really know what this stuff is.  It will bend a little,
but almost feels like plastic.  But it was very easy to use.
 I just cut it to length with my kitchen scissors
and then looped it to a branch...
and there you have it!

At this point Austin looked at me and said
"This tree sure looks Froo-free"
To which I replied in a very mature
parental tone
"So...what's your point"

A mix of gold, brown and deep red
are hanging from the branches.

There are a few whimsical ornaments, but overall
the tree is pretty simple.

All dressed up and ready to sit in the corner of our
family room to have lots of presents stuffed underneath!
That we still have to shop for...

Even though I didn't get to join the large
mass of shoppers, my sweet husband, who hates to shop
was out the door at 4:30 AM...
His mission was to grab this bad boy!

Scott has wanted a good miter saw for a while and I kept
telling him to get one...I had many, MANY projects that he
could mark off the list with this bad boy!
But he kept saying that it was just too much to spend.
But thanks to the great people at
Home Depot and the Black Friday Deal...
it came home with him...
at the crack of dawn.

I still think this is funny...

So, did you shop with the masses?
Or did you stay home and avoid the chaos?

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  1. Hey, Sandra! I your Christmas tree looks FANTASTIC!!! PLEASE can you come do mine?!??!! I LOVE what you did with it! It looks absolutely professional, even if it is "froo-fre"! :-) That was cute. I have to say that the 3rd photo down of the Santa you repainted looks like a character from "South Park"! I was laughing so hard!!! Of course, when you got finished he didn't look like that anymore. He looks fantastic now! Oh, have really gotten a good jump on your decorating. I'm still struggling with it. I'll get something finished by the end of the week, but I am just not into it this year. It took everything I had to put that kids' table together for Wednesday's party. Thanks for stopping by to see it. You have wonderful memories of your Grandmother fulfilling your candy Jones,and I want to do the same! :-) I NEVER hit the Black Friday sales anymore. It has just gotten too crazy out there. People have lost their minds!!! I don't like to be out there with the amateur shoppers! I hope you and the boys enjoy the continued decorating! Take care!!!!!!

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