Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Well, another Halloween is in the books!
Kermit the Frog gave it a thumbs up.
Austin dressed up at the green frog himself
and had fun going trick-or-treating with some of
his friends.

Jackson was ready to eat and did not have time to pose
for a picture.  He had already found the "Dirt Cake" and 
thought that he needed to take care of a gummy worm or two 
before they crawled on anyone's plate.

Every year, my friend Nancy has a big Halloween party
for all of the kids at church...and the big kids too.
Everyone brings a yummy treat to eat and Nancy provides
several pots of soup for the grown ups to eat.
We enjoy spending the evening with friends and then
all of the kids take off into her neighborhood and 
see how much candy they can haul back in.

The table was set with all kinds of yummy treats.

There were some tasty witches hats...
Jackson said they were very good...he had two.
He said he especially liked the "chaw-twit chip" on top.
I tried to tell him that was a Hershey Kiss, but he would not listen...

Talk about double dipping...someone just left their hand
in the dip...which was very yummy.

An assortment of yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a doughnut!

I tried my hand at some spooky deviled eggs...
I found this idea on Pinterest and it was really easy.
Just sliced some black olives and sat them on top and 
it looked like there were little spiders running all over.

And then it was time to
Jackson had so much fun running
from house to house and ringing the doorbell.

He spent most of his trick or treat time with his
friend Carolyn.
She was dressed as Hermine from Harry Potter

He thought this looked like the best house on the block
since Jackson was "Aubie", Auburn University's mascot.
He rang the door bell and when she came to the door he 
yelled "Trick or Treat, WAR EAGLE, Thank You"
all in one breath. It was kind of funny, but the lady at the door 
thought he was precious.  She said that was the best costume she
had seen all night!  Gotta love those Auburn fans!

Here was a quick shot of Caleb and Jackson
after the night was over.
Every little trick or treater was all tuckered out.
And so were the Mommies and Daddies!

Hope everyone had a very
Happy Halloween

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  1. The kids look SO cute in their costumes!!! I really miss that. My son in 33, so it has been awhile for me! :-) I really like the deviled egg idea. I am going to tuck that one away in my memory for future use. I often use a black olive garnish on deviled eggs anyway, so that would be really fun. As for the doughnuts...honey, you are SO right. You simply cannot beat a doughnut any time of day! Now you make me want one. It's about 8:30 a.m. and I figure all the folks on their way to work should be cleared out of the local shop, so I may hustle my fat hips down there to pick up one or two. :-) When I fall off the scales in horror, I will blame y-o-u!!! :-) Have a beautiful day, Sandra!!

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